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Our team of expert immigration lawyers will guide you in both processes of filing an I-129 petition and applying for an L1 visa afterwards. The L-1A visa permits a U.S. employer to transfer a manager or executive from a company abroad to a U.S. branch office or to a U.S. company that has a qualifying relationship with the company abroad. The L-1A also enables a foreign company which does not yet have a U.S. office to send a manager or executive to the United States to set up a new office. The processing time for individual petitions is slightly higher than for blanket petitions. On average, the L1 visa processing time is 3 to 4 months from when the visa application is submitted.
The H4 visa is the dependent visa that attaches to the H1B visa. H1Bs are the most common nonimmigrant work visa available to professionals. All types of US corporations and organizations use H1B visas, regardless of industry or job duties. This is a lot of highly technical and detailed information. If you have any questions, or if you need help filing your L1 petition, email me directly at I’m a US immigration lawyer and I would be happy to help you. You must be seeking the EB1C classification to work for a US employer that is a branch of the foreign company, an affiliate of the foreign company, or a subsidiary of the foreign company.
You may not issue an L visa to an eligible applicant without verification of petition approval either through PIMS or PCQs. The availability of the above procedure does not preclude the advance filing of an individual petition with DHS, in which case the beneficiary may present a copy of the approved Form I-797, Notice of Action, at a POE. Spouses of L-1 visa holders may apply for work authorization with U.S.C.I.S. to work in U.S. without restriction. Peter sent me a list of items that I needed to submit to him, and after that he took over and managed everything in a timely manner. I never needed a lawyer before, and this was a very easy first experience. Spouses and children of the L1 visa holder may obtain an L2 visa to enter and remain in the US.
l1b vs l1a -1 category offers several advantages over other types of work visas. No annual limit exists on the number of visas issued, and L-1 visa holders may pursue permanent residency. Some L-1 managers and executives may petition for a green card without the need for labor certification. In addition, dependents of L-1 visa may obtain work authorization.
The blanket petition provision is meant to serve only relatively large, established companies having multi-layered structures and numerous related business entities. Such companies usually have an established program for rotating personnel. The criteria to qualify for blanket petitions are formulated to exclude small and nonprofit organizations. Such organizations must continue to file an individual petition for each beneficiary.