10 Walk-A-Thon Fundraiser Ideas

Let’s face it… Successful PTO & PTA fundraisers are not easy if you have never done one before. donations for nonprofits , we need to spend more effort than ever encouraging children to participate in sports. It’s not like it used to be, where exercise was the default activity for kids who weren’t in school. Now there is ever-increasing competition from computers, television, and game consoles, and when you can convince your kids to get out of the house, it’s nothing short of a miracle. Choose from 31 mouth-watering treats all made from premium quality nuts and candies.
Rather than forcing everyone to wolf down hotdogs, make it a peer-to-peer fundraiser where each participant chooses their own food to gorge themselves on. Everyone sets up their own page for some online fundraising, sharing what delicious item they’ll be cramming into their gaping maws. Personally, we’d choose potatoes, but the allure of eating limitless cheesecake is always there. For a small donation, teachers and staff play babysitter for the evening.
Are your school closets filled with old sports team jerseys or school uniforms from the ’90s, ’80s, or even further back? Rather than allowing them to collect dust, hold a school-pride themed garage sale — giving students a retro-way to show their team spirit. To easily collect funds at the event, use the text-to-donate feature at the point of sale. Rotate different student and parent volunteers to work the events.
Not sure where to start with online fundraising for your school? Givebutter makes that easy, too with our step-by-step guide to support all your fundraising efforts and set your on way to meeting your school’s fundraising goals. 26 school fundraising ideas for high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools, to raise funds and have fun while doing so.
Set up a gift wrapping stand and let the kids help out as you offer gift wrapping services to interested persons. You can collect payments for your services via a Formplus payment form. Because of the simplicity of a penny war fundraiser, there isn’t a whole lot of planning and advance notice needed in order to run a successful penny war. All students need to know is that they should be bringing their spare change to school.
If there is one fundraiser, all your students are guaranteed to get behind; it is this one. This fundraising idea is great to throw together at the end of the term. This helps both teachers and students a chance to take a break. Give your students a sense of ownership in your fundraiser. By trusting middle-school students with an active role in your fundraising efforts, you impart an appreciation for all of the work that goes into funding their education.
Peer-to-peer fundraising tools can again be helpful here, as they enable sponsors to donate money quickly and easily no matter where they are. To make this fundraiser even more appealing, set up a topping bar so diners can create their breakfast treat. Your school will be earning up to 52% profit depending on how many cookie dough tubs you sell.
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Otherwise known as a rock paper scissors tournament, you can encourage some friendly competition among students and even parents with this family-friendly event. The best way to bring people to your lemonade stand is to set it up during another event that you are organizing. That way, you are guaranteed to have participation from your broader community. Make sure the cost doesn’t go over the budget for your fundraiser.
Keep the offerings simple so you don’t need a full kitchen. You can serve up sodas, water, hot chocolate, chips, and candy. To raise money, you can charge an entry fee for participants and they will be able to compete for a prize or prizes for the top finishers. The type of tournament depends on your students and what they would be interested in. Tournaments like Spelling Bee require only a dictionary and microphone compared to a Mario Kart tournament requires many screens, controllers, extension cords, and gaming systems. There are countless holidays on the typical US calendar, so take advantage of some of the celebrations to raise a little money for the school and bring some joy to the students.